Sunday, December 13, 2009

My DH is Nick Lachey?

I just had a very interesting dream.  In my dream, my best friend asked me to double date with him.  This is where I met my boyfriend, Nick Lachey, an Army officer (go figure...).

According to my dream, I was an underground operative, resisting the powers of the evil government.  Now Nick and I were both fighting against this powerful regime and I was in charge of paperwork for some operation.  We both load up into our van (we sat all the way in the back while the rest of our team got in) and as he checks my folder of massive paperwork, insisting that something is missing.  I start to panic and quickly double check everything when Nick announces that he has the missing paperwork.

When I turn around to face him, he is holding out a little clear plastic bag with the words "Clear Sky Jewelry" etched on the front.  In the midst of all the tissue paper lies a little velvet box.  I immediately start freaking out and hyperventilating as he asks me if I would marry him!

The ring is beautiful... a vintage style ring with a huge diamond in the middle and tiny little pearls surrounding the stone yet some of the pearls were missing.  I am floored and completely speechless as he explains that the ring belonged to his Great Grandmother and has been passed down for generations which accounts for the missing gems. He promises me that he would have the pearls replaced after a year.

I am delighted none-the-less (I mean it's Nick Lachey....!)  and nod happily at the notion that we will get married.  At this point I asked him why it would take him a year to get the ring repaired.  In the midst of making out with him... I realize that he has been caught by the government for illegal activities against them and he would have to go to prison for a year.  He was proposing to me while en route to the courthouse....

Of course this is when I woke up.  I'm pretty sure that Nick Lachey is suppose to be the representation of my DH.  The proposal that I received from my DH was absolutely amazing;  although I did have an inkling that it was coming.  Nick's proposal was a complete surprise and it was nice to see what that felt like.

Now, the fact that Nick was going to prison... I attribute to this to the fact that this is how it felt to have my DH deploy to Iraq.  The Ring?  Well, my DH's going away present was my awesome blackberry storm...  The paperwork... Argh... my DH is a freak about making sure I am always prepared and double checks everything that I do.

Ah... that was a good night's rest ... even though I technically dream cheated on my DH....


Aaron, Donna, Kairi said...

Ha ha, that is so funny, because I had a dream of Nick not to long ago! But we were fighting off the zombie Apocalypse and trying to save my husband.

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