Friday, December 11, 2009

Silent Treatment

My DH and I are fighting.  I am giving him the silent treatment.  This means that my phone has been turned off and my email has not been read since Sunday.

There are many times when my DH has stated that I do not present him in the best light on this blog.  However, I think that there are times when I present him in as the world's best military husband.  This is not the reason why we're fighting.  

It is not my intention to put my DH down.  We are not the world's most perfect couple; we definitely have our share of marital problems.  My DH is deployed and this makes our relationship complicated in ways that are completely different from a civilian marriage.  So, please don't give me any advice or opinion unless you really understand my situation or empathize with what I am going through.  If not, I will rip your comment apart if I deem it even remotely stupid.

Now, I don't want comments that tell me that giving him the silent treatment is bad for our marriage.  Really, I'm a full time family therapist; I'm not stupid.  However, if I were to speak to him right now, I would not be able to do so in a calm or rational manner.

Perhaps when I am no longer angry (I have no idea when this will be) I will update more frequently.  Right now, I am extremely unhappy about being a military spouse (which makes my blog name even more significant).


Southern Belle said...

What's going on? I understand how frustrating it can me if you ever just need to vent! :)
bethanyhailey at

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