Saturday, October 2, 2010

8 Worst Break Up Stories

Check out 8 of the worst break up stories around the world.

My favorite has to be the one where the couple got divorced when the husband ran into his wife at a brothel! Lol... I'm not really sure who more at fault here - the wife prostituting herself or the husband patronizing the local sex house!

Friday, October 1, 2010

"Baby" Ruck March

Last night, as my DH was packing his ruck sack with sleeping bags and textbooks, he told me he was going on a "baby ruck march."  I must have given him a very confused look because he laughed and explained that he and his students would only be marching for 4 miles vs. the usual 10.

This led to another discussion about how he calls all his ROTC students "babies."  Perhaps this is because he's married, is in the process of having a child, has more military experience and is older than all of his students.  However, I feel a lot of sympathy for his students; I definitely would not want to report to my DH.  As it turns out, he can be pretty scary when in his professional body.  He confided that when his students don't call him "sir" or loiter around the halls, he turns on his scary voice and confronts them the situation.

My DH has told me time and again that I could never make it in the military and I think he's right.  I would probably cry every time a superior came up to me and yelled at me or suggested that I did something incorrectly.  Eh~ at least I married someone that could withhold that much punishment. 

P.S. This post is a bit boring...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our Second Ultrasound

 My DH and I had our second ultrasound last month but I wanted to upload a picture of our miracle.  We are so excited about the birth of our son as he is the first grandchild for both our parents.  Can't wait to meet our little boy!

Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm back!

After a six month blogging hiatus, I am back!  I've been running around California for the last six months frantically searching for a job and oh yeah, getting pregnant!

Turns out, I am six months pregnant and what an experience!  I don't remember ever being so sick or uncomfortable in my life.  Many people have told me and I assumed that you were suppose to gain weight during your pregnancy ... well, I spent the first four months throwing up and ended up losing ten pounds!

I also spent a lot of time yelling at my DH; especially when he would eat in front of me.  When I had to take wine, sushi, all spicy foods out of my diet, I would longing look at my DH eat these things and was livid that he had the nerve to eat them in front of me.  I had a complete meltdown whenever he would finish a bag of my favorite potato chips (the ones I could get down my throat without gagging) and would yelled at him to get more from the grocery store.

I am finally eating again and gaining weight!  I now have a firm and round little belly and our baby (a little boy) has been kicking and flipping in my uterus so much so that I don't know if my bladder will be able to hold any more urine.

As for the "World's Worst Military Spouse" side of myself, my DH has been spending much of his time on campus as an ROTC professor.  I have officially become an Army House-wife and I'm terrible at it.  Do I clean? Sometimes... Do I make my DH a delicious dinner every night? Well, I made him Coq Au Vin the other night and he thought I made it with turkey rather than chicken.  Do we have regular sex? Well, that's a private matter (you thought I was going to tell you all my dirty little secrets, didn't you?).

I promise to be more diligent about writing this is blog, even if no one reads it.  I also promise to spend more time sprucing up my writing (which means that I will stop blogging as I am watching netflix movies).

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Not Giving Up

I am not giving up my blog! I am so sorry for not updating.  With road trip from PA to CA, finding a place, a job, and trying to get settled, I have not had a moment to update this site. 

However, I am currently (very slowly) working on updating this site so please bear with me for a few more weeks.  Thank you!


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