Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Knitting Project: Preemie Caps + Heart Blanket

If you ever read my bio (check it out... top left) you would know that I am an avid knitter.  I was just chilling at my parent's place tonight and decided to finish my latest projects: A Preemie Cap and a Heart Blanket.

I have seriously been working on the Heart blanket for over 1.5 years.  Yes... a year and a half.  Why?  Because this was one of my first knitting projects.  I am such a perfectionist that I started this blanket more than 10 times! Don't believe me?  Ask my DH... he'll tell you how I screamed at him each time I made a mistake.  I'd rant and rave that he was talking too loudly or that he touched me at a crucial point in my project.  I didn't know how to fix any of my mistakes which caused me to pull the entire thing apart and would drive my DH up the wall because he couldn't understand how I could just rip apart an entire afternoon's worth of work!

But I have improved (Thank GOODNESS) and I am finally FINISHING my projects.  I hope you guys all enjoy them!


Julie said...

What a cool blanket :) I learned to knit last year but haven't been able to finish any projects yet. Someday :)

Aaron, Donna, Kairi said...

Wow I simply adore the blanket, i absolutely hate knitting I always mess up somewhere and start all over again, and simply just get frustrated, I have a scarf i started two years ago and still haven't got more than 4 inches done! Kudos to you for having the patience!

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