Sunday, December 13, 2009

Boudoir Photos

A very close friend of mine is a professional photographer.  Her work is pretty amazing.  Feel free to check her out at :Triple 8 Photography.  If you're in the Albuquerque area and interested in finding someone to take beautiful photos of you, she's your girl!

We were talking today about how many people ask her for boudoir photos.  She explained that many people now take boudoir pictures for their future husband-to-be.  They order albums that they present to their Fiance on the day of their wedding (talk about something to look forward too!).

Knowing that my DH is not reading my blog, I am considering getting some done for him.  Boudoir photos are not necessarily erotic (unless you want them to be...) but can be done very tastefully.  I think there might be some rule about how explicit materials are not allowed to be shipped to deployed soldiers... also, the mail is checked before your soldier receives his packages.  But I'm not worried about other soldiers looking through any photos that I send my DH as long as they like what they see =P

Seriously, though.  I think I'd like to get some photos and send them to my husband before he comes back from his deployment.... so that he has something to look forward to.  What does everyone else think?


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