Sunday, October 25, 2009

"You know You're a Military Spouse ..."

.... when your favorite couch throw is a 'woobie.'

Now I don't know if other military branches issue a "woobie" but the army certainly does!  What is a "woobie?"  It is actually a poncho liner made from nylon with a polyester filling.  Your "woobie" provides just the right amount of warmth in cool weather.  Many soldiers use it as an extra blanket, a sleeping bag, or a throw blanket for their living room.

Although there are so many beautiful throws blankets out there, many military families prefer their "woobies."  Perhaps because it is so lightweight and comfortable.  Perhaps because we don't want to invest the $50 to buy a nice hotel luxury heavyweight chenille throw (ahh...). Or perhaps because the "woobie" is machine washable, durable and pet friendly.  Yes, it's definitely a bit tacky but nylon just feels so good against your skin!

My "woobie" is currently in the sandbox with my DH.  Sometimes, I think that I should have fought harder to keep our "woobie" at home...


The Shepards said...

We don't have anything like that, but i think its nifty :)

Army Wife In Training said...

THE WOOBIE!!!!!! Jerad sent me his Iraq woobie a few weeks ago in his toughbox full of stuff, and I sleep with it ALL the time. That is what we always snuggle underneath, but it's being replaced by his Welcome Home quilt ;) Woobies are the best though, DEFINITELY! Awww, this post made me SMILE! :)

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