Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"I'll make it up to you, I promise!"

How many times have you heard this phrase from your significant other?  "I'll make it up to you, I promise!"  I hate hearing these words from my DH.  I mean I've heard it so many times!  "I have to go into work early" or "I have to stay at work late" or "I can't fly out this weekend because of a training" or my favorite, "we have to go to this hail and farewell" etc.  There is nothing he can do to make up the precious moments (years really) that the military takes away from our personal lives.  Sometimes I seriously wonder what he could possibly do to make it up and it's not even his fault (well, I guess he did make the choice to join the military).

Well, I didn't get to choose who I fell in love with*.  There are many times when I feel stuck by the limited and crappy choices that the military gives us and we just have to make the best of an awful situation.

I have to admit that I haven't personally heard this phrase in a while.  Not because there isn't an issue that would require my husband to feel guilty but I honestly think it's because I've just learned to stop complaining about the military.

One of the ways that my DH is planning on "making it up to me" spending our upcoming R&R time at a faraway bech.  Yet, I have to wonder, is it worth it?  Would I rather spend two glorious weeks on a beautiful resort with my husband who will pamper with me with massages and great food once a year or would I prefer to be with him day in and day out even though it means that we might get into more arguments because we would have more time to interact with one another?

Honestly, I would pick the latter and save the "make it up to me's." Besides, the sad thing about it is... after the hundreds of times that he's told me this, this seems to be the FIRST time he is making it up to me. A bit unfair, don't ya think?

* I don't want to hear "oh, but you did have a choice."  No, I did not! So shut it.


Bethany said...

Oh girl...I am with you on this one. He always tells me he wants to spend the rest of his life thanking me for being there for him while he's been in Iraq, but I totally agree with you. I'd rather have him here every single day and risk the possibility of more arguments over having him thousands of miles away and missing him so much. It's so hard. AND YES, we definitely didn't CHOOSE to fall in love with men in the military. You can't help who you fall in love with! People who say we chose this life are ignorant!

Krystel ( said...

Enchante I have a blog award for you ...over at Army Wife 101. Congratulations!

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