Sunday, October 18, 2009

Care Packages

Since I no longer live on or near a military post/base/camp (lol...) and because my DH is deployed, topics of why I am a terrible military spouse are becoming a bit scarce.  However, there are always something to write about.

Care Packages.  I hate sending care packages.  Not because I don't love my husband!  It honestly has nothing to do with that at all!  It's because I always get a huge box and I start to run out of stuff to put into them.  I also have trouble finding good care package items.

All those "lists" have items like Gatorade mixes, beef jerky and toiletries.  However, my DH never wants me to send him any of those things.  Last time, he asked for tuna, nuts, microwaveable rice, cup ramen, headphones, a korean-english dictionary, a mixed cd, movies, and workout gloves.  If my DH had not sent me this list, I would have ended up giving him twenty bags of goldfish snacks and a pair of dumbbells!

My poor DH doesn't get a care package from me very often.  He got one every two to three weeks the first time he was deployed whether or not he asked for one.  Yet, I have only sent my husband packages when he's asked for them during this deployment.  I have also not sent as many handwritten letters as I had the first time around.

Is this laziness?  Lack of motivation?  I'm not sure if I truly want to dig too much deeper into my own psyche and try to find the underlying reason for my behavior.  I think I'm just going to blame it on the fact that I truly am the world's worst military spouse =D.


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