Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Scabies Scare!

I have the weirdest allergies; I am allergic to all melons, mangos, bananas, apples, sunflower seeds, nickel*, and MSG. The usual symptoms include a mild irritation to severe contact dermatitis.

Lately, I have developed these strange looking, very itchy, red bumps on the back of my hands.  My friend (a med student) took one look at my hand and exclaimed "OH MY GOSH, you have SCABIES!  Get away from me!"  I was seriously offended at her tone, mostly because I had no idea what scabies was.

As it turns out, it's a really contagious skin disease.  So for two days I scratched the crap out of my hands which only seemed to itch at night and right after I washed my hands under hot water (symptoms of scabies).  After being awake half the night, I went to the doctor and what do you know?  I am allergic to the blue dye in my dish washing soap.  Yup, blue dye.

So what does she recommend as the remedy?  Bag Balm - a salve created to sooth irritation on cow udders.  I wish I were kidding here but nope.  Cow Udders!  It's not even approved by the FDA for human use... However, many exclaim how they love the product;  it can be used on diaper rashes to cracked skin and of course squeaky bed springs!

The Results: So I was a little freaked out when I bought it but found that Bag Balm has a slight medical smell but seems to really work.  I woke up this morning with beautifully smooth skin.  Two thumbs up to my doctor =D

* I was allergic to my first wedding ring because it had too much nickel in the gold.


ABW said...

I had to give up Tommy Hilfiger jeans because their button is nickel and I developed an allergy to it after my third baby.

I love bag balm for diaper rash!

Unknown said...

fuck scabies

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