Thursday, February 18, 2010

Moving Qualms

My DH and I had a little argument about our move plans.  We are planning on moving into an apartment on a short term lease before moving into a more permanent residence.  The argument begin with the best way to approach finding a short term apartment.

Enchante's Plan:  I want to research online, find an apartment, put in a deposit and move in as soon as we move to California. 

DH's Plan: He wants to move to California, move into temporary lodging, look for an apartment for a couple of weeks then move in.  He wants to make sure the area is safe before we rent an apartment.

The compromise should be that we both research apartments, ask one of our friends to find scope out the area then move in when we get to California.  My DH doesn't know about this compromise yet because we haven't spoken today but he'll be notified when he calls (just like the Army).


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