Saturday, February 20, 2010

My First Giveaway - My Cats!

My First Giveaway will be my cats.  Yes, unfortunately my DH and I need to give them away before moving to California.

Risky is my four year old, female cat.   She was hit by a car when she was just a year old but has recovered beautifully!  All her wonderful black, gray, white and orange soft fur has grown back magnificently.  Paired with a set of gorgeous green eyes she is just the world's prettiest cat.  Risky is an attention seeking whore though (I know, I know... but why censor myself on my own blog?) and will do anything to get you to pet her and scratch her belly.

Lucky is my two year old, male cat.  My DH and I got him when he was just four weeks old!  He was so little that we fed him cat formula with a little spoon.  He has soft black hair with just a tousle of silver on his belly.  He is so unique with his bright yellow and green eyes.  He has a very spunky and fiery personality but he loves to cuddle up into my armpit and sleep with me at night. 

My Giveaway Rules
1. Please help me find a good home by linking my blog to your blogs, facebook, twitter, or any other messaging site and please flood it out into the cyber world. 
2. Email me back to if you are interested in my cats.

So easy right?  Thanks everyone!


Scatterbrain said...

Hi Enchante! I just found your blog through a string of other military wife blogs that I'm reading. You seem like such a cool person! I'm new to this military way of life, and I'm seeking out already established military wives that might be able to give me some pointers along the way.. I love my man, but I am so NOT looking forward to those long seperations and other annoyances that the army will be adding to our life together.

Anyway, if you feel like it, check out my blog. It's in its fledgeling stages, but I am looking forward to sharing my experiences, with the army and otherwise, on there and I would really love to have women like you to read it. Have a good day! :)

Hannah Noel said...

This post makes me so sad :(. I'm so sorry you have to give away your babies! I'd volunteer us, but we already have to cats and are about to get our first dog! We'd be animal-poor if we got anything else right now!

I hope you find a really good family to send them to!

ABW said...

Awww....they are cute, I hope you find a good home for them!

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