Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Here Today ... and Gone Tomorrow

I am back!  I have had a tough few weeks including problems with my parents, my sister, and of course my DH.  However, most of these things are calming down which in turn causes me less stress and allows my creative juices to flow once more.

So much has happened in the last few weeks.  First, my DH and I are moving to California.  We have finally received our orders* and my DH has been assigned to be a ROTC recruiting officer.  I asked my DH what the job entailed and he said "You know, I just get kids to sign up for ROTC ... and I do whatever else they tell me to do."  *blink, blink* Alright honey... whatever you say...

This means that I have to quit my job, find a new job, find an apartment, get someone to adopt my cats, change my drivers license, change all my professional licensure information and move our stuff to California in the next few months.** 

Second, I am looking to become pregnant.  Ahh!  Scary!  I never thought that I would be ready at 26 to have a child.  However, my DH and I are very excited about starting our own family (as are my closest friends... they are more excited about the prospects of my pregnancy than I am).  The earliest we could have a baby would be next January ... that is if we get pregnant right away.

As a mental health professional, I can't help but look for signs of PTSD in my DH.  The onset of PTSD is usually around six months so we will be waiting a couples months before trying to get pregnant.  The first six months will help my DH readjust to life back in the States, allow us to readjust to becoming a married couple and work through any martial redeployment issues that might arise (and they always do). 

I will be updating my blog more frequently in the next couple of days so please keeping reading and checking me out!

* See how I said 'our' instead of 'his'?  I am really maturing as a military spouse!

** I actually used to work for militaryonesource **** and I seriously learned so much about free military resources. The DOD has a great program called Plan My Move which helps military families plan their next PCS move.  I have been using the program and it shows me when I should talk to my transportation department to when I should bring in all my dry cleaning.  I love it!

*** I picked an Asian baby instead of the classic blond hair, blue eyed baby.  Yes, this has a lot to do with the fact that I am Korean American and because I was tired of seeing Aryan babies photos.  I don't know the name of this baby but props to this person.

**** A really great resource for military personnel and spouses.  They have information about everything!  Call them and they will give you information about everything from buying a house to free counseling sessions for you and your spouse (even kids) for FREE!  You can order free books and cds about how to deal with deployments to fiction novels.  You can spend HOURS on their website and learn everything about the military.  I promise that your military personnel spouse will be asking YOU for information about the military.


J.J. said...

I loved the baby photo! Sorry for all the stuff going on. I understand the movin' stuff. I just kept having a baby every PCS for a while there :)

Southern Belle said...

Good luck with all the major life changes in the next few months!! :)

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