Sunday, September 20, 2009

Why I am the World's Worst Military Spouse

Today, I realized that I am the world's worst military spouse.  I knew that this day would be unavoidable and now it is finally here.  Why am I the world's worst military spouse you ask?  Well, there are so many different reasons but I will share only one in this particular blog.

I spent the whole morning cleaning my apartment (top to bottom) and decided to take a shower when I received a phone call from a random stranger named "Candy."  Candy's husband has just deployed to Iraq on a *MiTT (Military Transition Team) like my own Dear Husband (DH) and wanted to set up a meeting time and date for all the local family members who also have deployed soldiers on MiTT.  Although my husband deployed out of Fort Riley, Kansas, I currently reside near a large Metropolitan city on the East Coast of the U.S.

As we talked about the posts that we have visited and lived in, she shared a story about a Captain's wife who was so devoted to the Army, the post and to her husband that she made a website for her husband MiTT members and sent out a monthly newsletter to inform others of the teams progress while deployed.

Now, I will be frank with all of you.  Not only am I not technically savvy enough to build my own website, I am too damn lazy to send out monthly newsletters to other spouses and family members.  Perhaps my laziness is due to the knowledge that my DH is not the highest ranking soldier on his team, or perhaps it because I am too tired after my long day as a family therapist.  Or perhaps (here comes the truth) I don't really care to get to involved with the Army because I am sick of this deployment and I know that my DH and I won't be in for much longer.

Please don't get me wrong.  I support my husband and I support all the soldiers out there (deployed or not).  However, I would rather put my face is a huge vat of dead rats than run an FRG meeting.  I don't want to get involved in the politics of the military social life, the immature debate of your spouses rank, or become so immersed in the fraternity like culture of the Army that I no longer have an identity as anyone else but a "military spouse."

Today, I am the world's worse military spouse because I am under involved in organizing and assisting others in their attempt to create a more cohesive and supportive military spouse and family involvement in my own neighborhood.



Alicia said...

Wishing a safe and speedy return from your husband. While I am amused at your post, and decided to check out your blog because of the title. There are women and men who are not supportive of the lifestyle, and can be a drain to a deployed spouse. I, too, am burned out from the spouse social programs, but its nice to have group of friends in the same boat (figuratively for us, but literally for the husbands. Happy blogging!

Enchante said...

You're right Alicia! Sometimes, I really do miss the support of other spouses. Just someone else who understands what I'm going through; people who understand the military lingo and acronyms. Unfortunately, I don't live close to a military base so it makes it difficult to just join a support group. A huge rift can be created by those spouses who are not supportive of the military lifestyle. However, I am completely supportive of my husband and am happy to do my duties as a good military wife; I am just not the type to go above and beyond these duties because I also do not want to become a burned out spouse. Thank you for your comment! I really appreciate it =D

lexiness1221 said...

Hi! 1) you're definitely not the world's worst military spouse. 2) I am the world's worst military spouse. 3) your blog is rad. oh and 4) I'm the same way with getting involved with the Marines and the other wives...It's so competitve and messy at times and I'd rather just take care of my stuff and my man you know? I don't do it alone by any means (amazingly I have friends). Cool blog, keep it up. Read my blog if you want, it sucks: Stay strong girl!

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