Monday, September 28, 2009

Army Football

I love the Army, Black Knights, Football team.  I do.  I really really do.

I don't care about the NY Giants or the Jets (even though I'm from NY originally).  Both my undergraduate and graduate education did not have a football team, so I didn't really have a team to root for... until I got married!  So I adopted and embraced the Army Football team as my own.

I've watched them play for the last five years and each year has been more and more heartbreaking.  They are terrible!  No, seriously, they really suck.  They have lost the Army Navy Game SEVEN years in a row ... 7!  Last year, they lost the game 34 to 0.  They couldn't put ONE lousy point up on the board.  Of course, this was the year that I went to the game with my friends and DH* ... while sitting on the Navy sideline.

From 2003-2004, Army lost 13 games in a row!  That means that fans did not see a win for over a year!  However, they are 2-2 this season (thank goodness) and they will be coming to Philadelphia on the 17th of October, to fight against Temple University. 

My plans are as follows: 1. Wearing my army shirt, army sweatshirt and my new army pullover with my army earrings!  2. Bringing a posterboard that says "Go Army, Beat Temple" and make a fool out of myself.  3. Bring a camera, so that we can record my hilarious behavior.  Then I will proceed to sent it to my deployed DH.

Anyone else interested in joining me?  If not, tell me about your crazy sports obsessions!


Temple Football Forever said...

Army won't be able to tackle Temple's No. 30 and once he's got a full head of steam, he's going to the house (since he's the Pennsylvania state 100-meter champion as well)

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