Sunday, September 20, 2009

Car Trouble

As I was driving back from Fort Dix, my check engine light came on ... so naturally, I started to freak out!  I know nothing about cars.  So the first thing I wanted to do was call my DH ... oh wait!  He's deployed, never mind.  So instead of getting upset that I have to get up early and take my car to the nearest dealership/mechanic, I starting getting upset with my DH.

I was upset that he wasn't here in the states so that he can fix the car.  Since he's the male, he's the one that's suppose to fix these sort of problems.  Then I had to hit myself over the head... what?  I can't take care of a car problem without a man?  What I'm really upset with is the fact that he's not home and I'm feeling lonely.  I am a strong, independent woman and I don't need my DH to take care of the car issues!

I was upset with my deployed husband?!  What the heck is wrong with me?



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