Saturday, January 9, 2010

Birthday Wish List

My birthday is coming up soon and I wanted to post my wish list.  I had a long conversation with my DH about my birthday gift but I just want you to know that I am not trying to guilt trip him into getting me a gift (he doesn't read this blog on a regular basis anyway).

I just love to knit!  I find it really relaxing and a fun way to be creative.  I've always wanted some good knitting needles and there are so many great reviews about this set.  For only $65, it's a great bargain!

For what it's worth, if I get the circular knitting set above, I also want the double pointed needle set as well. Great for knitting socks, booties and other little goodies!

I am cold all the time (even in the summer!).  My nose, ears, fingers, and toes are always the first parts of my body to freeze.  I don't have any warm boots for the winter, which is a huge mistake since I live in Pennsylvania.  I'm not really into trends but I definitely want a pair of these in black!

4. Perfume
Oh my goodness... I just love perfume!  I love how I feel when I have perfume on... and only perfume ... Jk!  Seriously, perfume makes me feel sexy.  I think this is because I am really attracted to people who smell fantastic as well as having great personalities.  My top five are:

Marc Jacobs - Daisy
Issey Miyake - L'eau D'Issey

Vera Wang - The Fragrance

Ralph Lauren - Romance

Thierry Mugler - Angel

Next Post: Gifts I want but are over $1000 (yikes!)


Meredith said...

What a great birthday list! I just dropped in to check out your blog and saw you're into scrapbooking and knitting. I use scrapbooking and crocheting as a way to pass the time while my husband is deployed, too. I actually made him a blanket for his current deployment, and he said that even though he makes fun of me for making afghans like an old lady it's his most prized posession there!
Hoping your birthday wishes come true...

Enchante said...


What a great idea! I would send my husband a blanket but my perfectionism would get in the way; it would probably take me another two years to finish the blanket!

Like you, I also decided to send my husband with a part of me - so I made him a build-a-bear! I was able to record my voice and my DH always sleep with the bear.

Thanks for the birthday wishes!


Krystel said...

This is a good wish list. I definitley love the Uggs Boots and I am bias I love Ralph Lauren Romance ...mmmm it smells sooooo good! I hope you get at least one of your wish list items!

Happy early birthday :)

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