Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Birthday Wish List - Over $1000

As promised, here is my birthday wish list over $1000 (at least...)  BTW, most of this stuff is not possible on a government salary!

1. King Size Bed - The Marriott Bed ($2000 +)
My DH and I have been sleeping on a full size bed since we got married (which is a really really difficult task when your spouse is 6'0" at 190 lbs).  Two years ago, we stayed at a Marriott Hotel with the world's GREATEST bed.  The linens were sooo soft and the bed was so plush and comfortable.  I just slept so well that night that I want to recreate that feeling every night!

2. Pride and Prejudice - First Edition ($42,000)
One of my favorite books of all time and I would love to have a library full of first editions.  A girl can dream can't she?

 3. Lexus SC 2010 (Base MSRP $68,405)
 Wow... What a car!  I have been in love with this hard-top convertible since I was a teenager.  I know that I could ask for something ridiculous (like a Porsche 911 *drool*) but I am being reasonable here.  Imagine driving down the coast, with the windows down and the wind in my hair... ::sigh::


4. Mansion
Well, I figured I might as well just list all the things I could ever want in the world... so yeah... I want a mansion.  There are both good and bad aspects about owning such a large property, i.e. taxes, cleaning, taxes, maintenance, perhaps too much space, taxes, perhaps the house is haunted... But I would definitely be able to entertain my guests in style... I should probably ask for a handful of domestic workers while I'm at it...


crina said...

Well =P I can't get you all of these things! But here's to dreaming that this will get you one step closer to owning them one day!

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