Monday, November 23, 2009

Twilight ... New Moon movie (not a review)

Before my DH went back to the sandbox, he requested that I go and watch the new Twilight movie with my friends.  We watched the first Twilight movie together only after my DH told me that he was interested.  Being crazy, I told him that I would only watch the movie if I read the book.  I went and picked up a copy of the book from my closest bookstore and finished within several hours.  I became completely obsessed and read the next three books in four days.  In the end, I hated the series (the reason why will be posted in a future blog).

My DH called today and asked me if I had found anyone to watch "New Moon" with me.  I argued that I only wanted to watch the movie with him and that I would wait the six months so that we could watch the movie together.  My DH was insistent that I watched without him and we came up with a compromised;  My DH would wait off on watching the movie if I couldn't find anyone to watch the movie with me within the week.  Another condition was that I must sincerely try to find people to watch with me.  

At this point, it felt as though he wanted to watch the movie so much that he was going out of the way to make sure that I would watch the movie (Just read the book!).  But, I gave in and convinced two of my friends to join me in watching the movie.

However, a part of me understands that my DH wants me to go out and start hanging out with my friends instead of staying at home and moping around.  He sincerely wants me to be more sociable and keep my mind off this deployment through social interactions.  

Another part of me also wanted to see this movie because my DH had requested that watch.  A part of me wants to do all the things that he's asked of me.  For some odd reason, it helps me feel closer to him.  I know that having watched this movie will genuinely make him happy.   

I am glad that I was able to go and spend some time not thinking about my spouse (mmm... this could go either way...).  I think I definitely needed the distraction.... Thanks to my friends RL and JHK.


Julie said...

It is great that he wants you to go out and have fun :) It really makes the deployment go by faster I think!

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