Saturday, November 7, 2009

Too Many Husbands....

There are not many things in the world that beats sleepily waking up next to a warm and cozy body.  Mmm.... Luckily my DH is back for R&R and we have been spending our most of our mornings in bed (this is my way of making all of you jealous...).

So I was extremely perplexed when I received a message from my DH's rear detachment unit, two days after my DH came back, informing me that my husband would be coming home in the next few days.  I immediately called the operator (Debbie) back at Fort Riley to clear up this mistake.

When Debbie picked up the phone and I gave her my information, she went on to congratulate me on my DH's return home.  I graciously accepted her thanks but told her that my DH had been home for two days and she answered "So, he missed the re-deployment ceremony?"

Now, I was really confused!  I informed her that my DH was back home for R&R, not coming home permanently.  As Debbie checked the Army database she found out that there was another soldier on post who shares the exact same name as my DH!  This man came back to Fort Riley right around the same time as my DH was coming home for R&R.  Somehow, the databased had wiped out the other soldiers' Point of Contacts (POC's) and decided to just list me as his wife!

As I was telling my DH about this interesting situation, he grinned and slyly asked me if I got married to another man while he was deployed.  I jokingly told him I had but that I divorced him before he came back.  To this my DH replied "Then, perhaps you should ask him for alimony."  Lol... hilarious...


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