Saturday, April 17, 2010

Welcome Back to the States!

My DH is finally home!  Actually, he's been home for about two weeks ... I haven't posted his arrival back home because we've been too busy hanging out and doing the funky monkey... I'm just kidding (sort of).  But on a more serious note, as much laughter, fun, and cuddling there has been in the last couple of weeks, there has been just as many arguments and fights as well. 

The re-adjustment back to the States is definitely no easy task.  Most of the time, it is extremely difficult for our soldiers to jump back into their roles of fathers, brothers, husbands, best-friend, etc... This is tough for the families back home to recognize because we got our soldier back home, safely, and all we want to do is have them fill the HUGE hole that's been missing in our lives for the past year. 

For example, if my DH's job was to take out the garbage every night before he left, when he comes home, I expect him to do this daily duties at home.  Ah... expectations.  Unfortunately, for my DH, I expect him to take care of me in a more emotional way (I am SUPER demanding emotionally).  It's not something you can see and just fix and I really believe my DH becomes extremely irritated and  frustrated when I allow my emotions to dictate my actions.

So as happy as the reunion is ... here comes the aftermath of being separated from your spouse for over 15 months.  Goodie.  Welcome back, Soldier.


Crina said...

YAY!!!!!! :) I'm so glad that he's finally back safe and sound :D :D Safe travels 'cross the States~~

Southern Belle said...

Congrats! So happy y'all are finally back together :)

chambanachik said...


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