Friday, October 1, 2010

"Baby" Ruck March

Last night, as my DH was packing his ruck sack with sleeping bags and textbooks, he told me he was going on a "baby ruck march."  I must have given him a very confused look because he laughed and explained that he and his students would only be marching for 4 miles vs. the usual 10.

This led to another discussion about how he calls all his ROTC students "babies."  Perhaps this is because he's married, is in the process of having a child, has more military experience and is older than all of his students.  However, I feel a lot of sympathy for his students; I definitely would not want to report to my DH.  As it turns out, he can be pretty scary when in his professional body.  He confided that when his students don't call him "sir" or loiter around the halls, he turns on his scary voice and confronts them the situation.

My DH has told me time and again that I could never make it in the military and I think he's right.  I would probably cry every time a superior came up to me and yelled at me or suggested that I did something incorrectly.  Eh~ at least I married someone that could withhold that much punishment. 

P.S. This post is a bit boring...


Anonymous said...

I thought that he was going to strap a baby on to his back and going rucking. LOL! Although, next time he talks about a Baby Ruck March, you should get him one of those pregnancy stomachs to wear so he knows what you're going through!

Enchante said...

My DH updated me the "baby ruck march" ... and it turns out that many of the cadets had a bit of trouble walking up the last 2 miles of the hike. He tried to help them out by wearing two rucks (one on his back and another on the front)... I think I'm going to make him permanently wear the front ruck sack though... =P Soo evil!!


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